Asian Pacific Cuisine

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Asian Fusion Cuisine

Misoya Bistro, located in Vogel Plaza near the Craterian Ginger Rogers Theatre, offers Asian Fusion cuisine to its many new customers.  Misoya Bistro is not just a sushi bar. ‘Asian Fusion’ refers to the happy combination resulting from mixing foods from Korea, China and Japan. Whether you are inclined toward sushi, tempura or teriyaki, Misoya Bistro is a marvelous solution all around.

The owners, Tae and Su Han, enjoy considerable success with their restaurant, Bonsai Teriyaki in Ashland.  Misoya Bistro opened in April 2011.  Its location across from the theater ensures theater-goers a place to go to enjoy healthy and often exotic food before or even after their theater experience.    Misoya Bistro’s patio seating affords a unique dining experience on Vogel Plaza.

Customer favorites include the Mochi Roll and Korean dishes, such as Korean Seafood Pancakes and Spicy Beef Noodle soup.   It is best to return often to sample items from the several Asian cultures represented here.

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